quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2012

Autumn is Black and White

Love will surround you my dearIn the autumn or springIn New York or here (Jeff Pianki)

Jeans: Zara / Shirt: Massimo Dutti/ Watch: Casio 

Belt: Massimo Dutti



Love will surround you my dear
In the autumn or spring
In New York or here
No matter how cold or distant some days may appear
Just know love’s all around you my dear

And memories will fade away
The rainstorms in April might last into May
Though your head will grow tired and full of dismay
The love that surrounds you will stay

If you have trouble falling asleep
And dreams do not come when you hear your heart beat
I promise my voice will be there when you need
That’s a promise I intend to keep

5 comentários:

  1. love your drawings **
    your outfit is very good :) i'm in love with your bag :)


  2. Que gira, adoro o cinto no outfit fica ótimo!!


  3. Adorei os looks e principalmente os desenhos! Muito talento. Já seguia o teu blog, mas mudei de blog agora. Gosto imenso do teu blog.
    Estou a seguir-te novamente. Segue-me também http://danger-of-high-heels-09.blogspot.com. Continua com o bom trabalho :)

  4. adorei os teus desenhos :)